Main Why


« Planet of help »: the territory of good, love and compassion.

Everyday rush and the whirl of modern life make a lot of people close in the powerful shell of their daily problems and indifferently ignore the needs and sufferings of others. But still there are the best representatives of the mankind, for whom charity and the desire to help one's neighbor is not an empty phrase.

It is under the aegis of such true personalities that the « Planet of help » project is created. Here, the needful person can receive the necessary assistance as quick as it possible:  essential tools, a roof over the head. Here are those who have the opportunity to share with needful people by the most necessary things, for free, who are happy to help. In order to take part in this peacekeeping project, it is enough to submit an announcement in the appropriate heading after registration. Share your problems or offer your help - and perhaps for someone this action will be a major milestone in our difficult and changing life.

Defeat indifference, become a participant of the «Thank you world» project. Even simple communication with people within the peacekeeping project can bring a lot of benefits to all of its participants. Give people in need your warmth and responsiveness, and kindness will be rewarded to you a hundredfold!