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Thank you

«Planet of help» - thanks for the good energy!


Nowadays, many people need help ... If you want to help your neighbor, you can bring positive, healing energy to the society. The charity project « Planet of help » was created especially for everyone who can help those who need, to make their lives easy and to let believe that improvement is possible in any situation.

We want to say «thank you» for registering on our portal - this is a big step in an important direction that will be appreciated by everyone. At the same time, you are using a new opportunity for your self-development and the discovery of new personal qualities, soul facets. The first submission of an announcement can collect feedback, indicating that the interchange of energy, the improvement of the world around is in progress.

Thank you and we say «thank you» for that what you decided to help people for free, people that you have never known before. We have several ways to do a good deed:


* Heading «Give a gift». Here you can give things that can be useful to other people. For example, it is possible to offer equipment and electronics, everything for the home and country house, baby products, clothes and shoes. You can also give a nice pet in good hands.

* Heading «Ready to help». Here you get a chance to provide all possible assistance to a person who has fallen into a difficult situation. You can offer accommodation or employment, help with housework or offer a free professional help. If you want, you can help organizations that need it.

For your help offers, I want to thank each of you. Remember that a particle of good energy makes the world better every day!