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«Planet of help» - is a noncommercial charity service, that gives an opportunity to all categories of citizens to place their needs for help in the whole area of life. Communicating by the service, everyone who needs, can receive help, or can give help, excluding intermediaries and commercial agencies.

The «Planet of help» project does not collect money, it doesn’t sell services or products, all announcements about the transfer of any objects, provision of professional, specialized or physical help, are being carried out on a voluntary and unpaid basis only.

The aim of the project is in promoting the sincere help, open minded, gentle hearted communication, regardless of the social status of citizens and their financial well-being. In the realities of the modern world, people sometimes need a little bit of kindness and heartedness, even from completely unfamiliar people.

To use the functionality of the service with full-featured access you need to pass a simple registration and fill in a form. By uniting the efforts, even the most insignificant, putting in them a piece of the soul, the world around will definitely become more colorful, happier and more joyful.

«Planet of help» is the territory of mutual help.