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  • Help Closed

    Single mother of 19 month old twins. Just had a baby 4 a couple that couldn't have kids on March 28th 2020 it was a blessing however die to covid i can't return to work my income has completely stopped and we're about to loose everything PLEASE HELP ...

  • Please help us Closed

    About to loose everything out of work since before covid i was pregnant giving my baby up to a couple that couldn't have kids i have 19 month old twins i am raising alone went back to work but the twins kept getting sick in daycare

  • Boys toddler and 8-10. Mens clothes. Womens plus and juniors Closed

    Free to anyone in need. I have 18 HUGE bags of clothing. womens sizes M-3xl boys 6month-10yrs mens s-m and 30-36. Please let me know size/type you need and I will get it ready :) and have pics JUST PAY EXACT SHIPPING.

  • Family of 4: EMT with small kids. NEED HELP with electric! Closed

    Hi. I am an EMT and my husband is a construction delivery driver. We have 2 amazing sons ages 3 and 9 :) we just barely made rent and we are in DIRE need of any help for our electric bill payment plan. We paid what we could and our next payment is due next week....

  • Family of 4: EMT and 2 small kids need funds for electric! Closed

    Hi. I am reaching out in HOPE that we can pay forward any help we get. I am a retired EMT with PTSD and my husband works full time construction. We have a 3 and 9 yr old (both boys) and a payment plan for Lakeland Electric we cant afford after rent. We...

  • Waiting for social security disability case Closed

    Hello my name is Jerry I was diagnosed last year of heart disease and now I have heart disease liver disease kidney failure and much more I lost everything I own in Arizona waiting for disability what I had left I took with me on the grayhound bus to...

  • In need Closed

    I have a 14 month old and I don't work but I do get a income monthly, Right now I am behind on my rent and I and struggling to come up with rent money to be able to pay off because my check I get monthly is just enough for to pay 1 month rent and my other...

  • In Need Closed

    Hello, I am in need, I have a 14 month old son and I have no job right now but I do get an income monthly, it's hard for me at times trying to provide for my child and myself, I am behind on my rent I may be at risk of getting evicted but I am trying...

  • Help my kids and I no light and water Closed

    I came to this site for help I'm single mother of 4 i work on and off dont pay much i dont have light in our house and now no water i dont get child support cause the father is not in the i dont ger food stamps we'll take any help.
    Please he...

  • Correcting my wrongs Closed

    3 years ago I lost everything put trust into man and not in to God.growing up was not easy for me I was picked it in school cause I was fat my mom was a crackhead I don’t have dress like the other kids no name brand shoes I don’t know how to reason t...

  • My home is mine Closed

    Please help me keep something I have wanted my whole life, a house of my very own. I messed up my checking account and got behind in my lot rent. I just can't seem to get back on top. A big black cloud is over my head and wouldn't let me see any sunshine....

  • In DESPERATE need of money for food & shelter Closed

    In DESPERATE need of help!! My mom and I just recently moved to FL where we were supposed to stay wasn't safe for my mom. She's disabled, she had her stomach removed due to her stomach was caked with ulcers, it wouldnt disgust right & she had a basketball...

  • Leasa Honors - intake manifold for a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquise Closed

    My name is Leasa Honors i need the intake manifold for a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquise .My car went out really need my car to get back in fourth to the doctor i am very sick .Havent been able to work due to chemo radiation.PLEASE HELP ME !!

  • Grandmother raising grandchildren Closed

    I'm raising grandchildren and need financial help I'm 60 years old and have 2 grandchildren I'm raising by my self. I have credit cards that needs to be paid off.just 2 cards, one for 500.00 and 300.00 and a furniture bill for 1500.00 .I'm on disability I get 911....

  • New beginning for my boys and I please help. Closed

    Hosing and house hold items