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  • Family in need of assistance

    I am a single mom. I have two teenage boys and a newborn due in a few weeks. I lost my job due to Covid and my unemployment has run out. I am also taking care of my 76 year old mother that was just placed in hospice care today. I am not one to ask for...

  • Needing help with fans Closed

    Family of 4, husband recently has become disabled do to cirrohsis. We have two small girls and no way of cooling home. It's currently 100 degrees outside our central hear and air tore up in winter. We are needing box fans for windows to help cool down home....

  • 3 months behind on my rent due to Covid Closed

    Hello all just reaching out for some financial assistance. Caught Covid twice in the past 2 years and it’s really taken a toll on our lives. As it has everyone else’s also in some type of way. But each time I caught Covid it costed me a job because of...

  • Displaced from Alabama since Jan. Closed

    My husband and I are in need of Work clothes, Toiletries, and housing, ASAP we finally got in car we're blessed with that

  • Christmas Help Closed

    Please help share! Anything is appreciated! Thank you!

  • Christmas Help Closed

    Please help share! Anything is appreciated! Thank you

  • Foundation Repair Closed

    I am desperately looking for funding to repair my foundation on my home. It is allowi.g moisture and mold to grow under my house. It isn't covered by insurance. I have 4 children, one of which has Down Syndrome and a compromised immune system. I have...

  • LGBTQ Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Patient In Need Closed

    I'm a Progressive MS patient that has completed my one year lease with my landlord and I am currently residing in a hotel with my emotional support animal because I am trying to move into an apartment that is handicapped accessible as I need it to be....

  • Household furniture Closed

    Hi im a single mother of 3 children a 14, 12 , and a 4 year old. I just received my house through section 8. Im in need of all types of furniture from living room suite, kitchen table n chairs beds dressers anything would be greatly appreciated. We are...

  • Our house caught fire family in need Closed

    Hi our house caught fire on July 23rd 2018 the American red Cross helped us with a motel room and one Church helped us my husband has lost his job we are currently staying with a friend sleeping on the floor we can stay another night or two but that ...

  • Recently homeless veteran seeking assistance. Closed

    Hi, I'm a Gulf War veteran who recently lost his job, car, and apartment. I'm currently seeking employment and resources, but at present an living in a homeless shelter. I would be eternally grateful for any help I can get towards housing and transportation....

  • Need food and shelter Closed

    Hi we had been staying with my husband's family in Kodak TN for awhile now. Yesterday Friday July 6th, my husband's mother started a confritation with my husband and children. She kicked all of us out of the house. There are 6of us total. The kids ages are 6, 11, 13, 16....

  • Did not get paid Closed

    I was working for a hotel in pigeon forge. The owners decided I owed them money when I was fired. I have not received a paycheck in 6 weeks. I previously rented a home with a commercial owner. I signed an agreement to pay on certain days. When I was...

  • Hit hard times Closed

    In Jan our only transportation broke down and have been left without a vehicle.This caused me to lose my job and struggled to keep ou house we were renting and didn't know our landlord had put it up for sale and forced us out to make his sale.We are now...

  • Hit hard times Closed

    I recently had our only vehicle blow the motor in Jan this caused me to lose my job.Since then we have struggled to stay in a home the house we were renting was sold and were forced out for the sell im trying to get work where i can catch a ride with...

  • Disabled mother of 4 needs help Closed

    I have Lennox Garret disease it's where I have gramal seizures and partical seizures its very scarey and congestive heart failure and a couple more health aliments. I need help because I been sick and I need tablets or computers so my homeschooled children...

  • Food,electricity bill Closed

    I need help with some food

  • Food,electricity bill Closed

    I need help with my light bill,and some food,I work for a living,I'm a cook,I just don't make enough to make ends meet,I also have bad asthma, my Medicare is expensive, I would appreciate any help you could give me.thank you

  • Please help me keep my home. Closed

    I am posting here to ask anyone for even the smallest 2.00 change in their pocket. My family has just gotten out of weekly hotels after 5years. My husband does work but with me trying to find a job, and daycare expences, trying to keep my water, and...