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  • In need of help to get meds Closed

    I have seizure and i cant work at all and my disability hasn't got approved yet sadly but my meds are 20$ my cashapp is $Hippy1990 please someone help i can not miss any of my doses i have one pill left

  • Corey’s Christmas Closed

    Good afternoon, I’m needing help with my 11yr old Corey’s Christmas. Unfortunately I haven’t purchased anything because I get a $1200 disability check and I paid the bills. I had to sacrifice his Christmas to make sure he has a place to stay and he’s warm....

  • Help with getting a family together Closed

    Good humans always finish last. I'm a hard worker but saving up is harder. I finally found the woman that I would love to marry and spend the rest of my life with. She has a lovely daughter that i call my own. the problem isn't being stable to live but...

  • A victim of abuse Closed

    I'm a single mother with 3 children,who was in a a abusive relationship who one night came home from work being pistol whipped by my abuser because I told him I could no longer deal with the abuse. I need help to restore my beautiful smile. I have been...

  • Any financial assistance Closed

    I am in need of help. Billing piling up and so behind. I'm hard working yet, can't get caught up. Grateful for anything one can give.

  • Giving away clothes to make money Closed

    Trying to sell some clothes and a hat and a beanie to have money to pay my phone bill and have gas in the car. Snapback new York hat and some jackets and shirts for both men and women. Let me know either through here or text. 3364**** . Chat can be...

  • Never thought I would say this, but I am in need of help. Closed

    I've been out of work since August, it's been tough I start a new job in late January but I have another phone interview next week and no money to pay for my phone bill. My car is also not doing well, my motor mounts are messed up and barely any gas to get around....