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  • I need help out of an abusive relationship in in Ontario

    I'm in a hopeless situation. I love what I do, but the conditions of my work is litterly breaking me down. I work my hands to the bone everyday. To be name called de valued and litterly every dime taken from me. But I also live with my boss. And I have no family ....

  • Car Repair skill.. Closed

    My car started to over heat this afternoon. And I was wondering if I could get a mechanic to look at it. I'm hoping and praying that I just need some Anti- Freeze, or something else very minor. I have had the Carshield Protection, but this month bills...

  • In desperate need of temporary help Closed

    Hello everyone,
    I am a daycare provider who was hit hard by COVID. I have lost so much business yet need to stay open so the remaining parents(who are essential workers) can keep working. I only have 2 kids at this time and cannot find any work to supplement....

  • Waiting to have heart surgery and need help. Closed

    I have a leaky heart valve and need heart surgery. I have applied for disability but that's going to take a while. Any help would be greatly be appreciated thank you for reading

  • In Need Of Printer Closed

    In need of a printer for resumes and children's education worksheets

  • Id Closed

    I am in sober transitional housing.
    I got my I'd about two months ago and someone stole it 2 days of me having it. In order for me to get a job to get permeate housing I need I'd and social security card. So everything I need to do I need my I'd. I can not afford a new one....

  • Giving away hand held Leapster game console and games Closed

    Willing to give away game console and games to a child in need. Please feel free to text me at (971)8133519. Must live in the Portland, OR.


    This person has scammed me. Said that they were going to send me a donation and when I received the check it was fraudulent. But I was not aware of this until...

  • Young Couple Needing That Stepping Stone Closed

    My husband and I are both 31 years old, and recently moved up here from Springfield. We have our cat with us as well Thor. I myself am from Portland and have worked in the service industry here for greater part of 13 years
    My husband is from Tillamook...

  • Needing A Radiator Closed

    My husband and I are currently living in our Jeep as we have just moved up here from Springfield. We were perfectly fine being able to move our car while sleeping in it, but we have recently found out we have a hole in our radiator and need a new one....

  • Game Console Closed

    Leapster game console

  • Stranded in Gold Beach Oregon Closed

    Help! Need some mulas to get to Portland from gold beach Oregon. Stranded with nothing but a vehicle.
    In order for me and my boyfriend to pursue our careers we decided to travel. But unfortunately what we had for our gas money, we needed to use to buy food....

  • Desperately needing to get my oregon IDcard Closed

    I am in need of $39.50 to get my Oregon state ID card replaced. I am trying to get employment an am absolutely penniless. Without ID i am having trouble getting employers to even talk to me. PLease help?!?! Thank you and God bless!!!!
    Windi A. Schaf...

  • Need a Family/Couples Counselor Closed

    I have been volunteering and helping out in the Portland Community promoting change for children, elderly, homeless, those who suffer addiction, disabled, and ethnically underserved people. In the process my relationship suffered with my partner. I have...

  • Life turned upside down Closed

    In the last month:
    My parents kicked me out and gave me 1 day to be gone... so I know have a $1700 rent payment that was not planned and had to pay twice this month (moving in plus the next months rent because I only get paid once a month and not until after rent is due)....

  • Can pay rent, need home, family of 6 Closed

    My fiancé and I and our four children are in need of a home to rent. We can afford maximum $1500 a month. Problem is we can’t find a place that doesn’t require so much (good credit, long term job history, 3 times rent in bank account) we are reliable,...

  • Rent help needed ASAP Closed

    We moved to this area just over four years ago. Portland is the closest city to us on the list but we are actually in Nehalem. Of all the time we have been here 2 years were spent homeless. 8 months in a pure dream state of living the "American dream"...

  • Need a cheap car that is not a junker Closed

    Hi my name is jana and im homeless ever since my father died 2 years ago iv applied for every resource possibly and theres 2 to 10 years waiting list.. So i at least would like to purchase a good stable vehicle to get me around to do positive productive...

  • Family in need Closed

    Hi there my name is Amee an my other half is Jonthan . we also have a boxer mix his name is floyd. Me my dog an other half have been homeless for over a year. We are finally getting off of our feet an got our first place. Incredible right. Well actually not all to incredible ....

  • Desperately in need of a tent Closed

    My boyfriend and I have finally found spot to camp on a friends property but we are in a grassy field and the bugs and especially the spiders are just ridiculous out here. Not to mention just needing shelter in general. If anyone has a 2 to 4 person ...