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  • Need help please asap Closed

    I need help paying for a motel for me and my pregnant fiance, without a permanent address it's extremely hard to find steady work and we are just down on our luck. If there is anyone willing to help we would greatly appreciate it, anything helps at this...

  • Disabled single dad needing any kind of donations financial Closed

    I'm a single dad who lives in 4.16 Acres rent to own my social security disability has been cut back to 225 a month I only make currently a $367 payment for my property and also have to pay for my housing which is another 233 a month I'm raising my s...

  • a place to call home to get daughter back Closed

    I lost my daughter in May 2020 she became award of the state I have been fighting her father and DHS to get her back and in order to do so I have to have a place call home for me and my family By the end of July. I am financially not able and my boyfriend...

  • I have recently lost my job due to medical reasons Closed

    I have been a truck driver for about 7 years. A out a year ago I switched to driving for a smaller company because I would get home a lot more. One of the catches was I wouldn't have company insurance as I would be basically a sub contractor and filled out a 1099 for taxes....

  • Need help with relocation for work Closed

    I got a job on the coast and need help with the cost of relocating. Me and my two children were forced out of our home by foreclosure and have no other option but to relocate

  • I was scammed ???? Closed

    I really needed to make money to pay my rent next month so I put my really nice bed frame online to sell so I wouldn't have to worry next month and it was on for $500 and someone was interested and they sent me check enough for frame and the rest for...


    Please read her story on GoFundMe page. Heres the short version an arsonist whom is now convicted and in prison trapped and locked her and her friend in a room and set fire to house she did not get herself out she succumbed to the flames and smoke she...

  • my head blew gasket standing my family! Closed

    Hi we need help fixing our truck head gasket. We are on ssi and get very little to start with on the 1st so we need help to get it fixed and back on road. So we are stuck in our truck me my wife and 3 kids cant leave ashland just outside of medford oregon...

  • Help with where to get gas vouchers & food for 4 Thank you Closed

    I am in need of gas vouchers and food for me my husband and my elder parents I am currently on ssi and food stamps but I don't get paid or food stamps till the first I am asking for help and it's very hard for me to do so because I'm afraid I will be...

  • In need of a miracle Closed

    53yes old I have lost everything been in places I never dreamed of have been couch surfing for 5 yrs just applied for disability. I have no money home car I have depression anxiey PDSD I have bills my cellphone is going to be turned off and soon to be...