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  • Pet lovers Closed

    I have a boxer mix dog I've had for 6 years, the last two days she has been sick won't eat or barely move and came home from work yesterday and blood was everywhere where she was laying took her too three vets and last one had staff too look at her there,...

  • I am desperate Closed

    Due too coronavirus the company I worked for closed down we thought they would open back up but too my surprise they didn't. I have been with them for 2 years and now with now warning I have no job, income or way too job hunt, rent is due and I am begging...

  • Im drowning please help Closed

    My son lost his kids a year ago do to a opiate addiction. Instead of letting the state have them i took my 3 grandchildren in i have had them for a year now. I work 40+ hours a week trying to scrap by. Befor my mother past away a little over a year ago...

  • Im letting my pride down, I need HELP! Closed

    Its like im in a middle of a spider web. I'm working 3 jobs I just got certified to start and I homeschool my kids and still not able to make ends meet this time around. I need help, I have a car paymenr that's due im behind 1000 on that, so yes, its...

  • Homeless and Helpless Closed

    Need help for my family to put a roof over our heads, and food on the table, and clothes to wear, and nice comfy beds to sleep in. And a place for my disabled vet to rest in this awful heat.

  • Homeless and in Need Closed

    I am going through something in life and I have bettered alot of things but Everytime I do things in my life fall apart right now Im in a town I was raised but been away for years and no family lives there anymore. And I'm homeless. I attended out patient...

  • Any thing would help! Closed

    Lived and worked on a milk farm for years and were offered a job to run a different milk farm. When we got there nothing was as promised and they did not pay us. We had given up our home and lefft with nothing. Our vehicle then broke down so we are left...