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  • My luck has ran out. Closed

    So, like everyone else, im suffering going through this epidemic and it just got worse. Blew a head gasket and my checking trying to get it fixed. I have no car and no food til i get something back from unemployment or that check. Anything helps and is forever appreciated....

  • hurts to walk Closed

    i have chronic plantar fasciitis and a VERY painful heelspur, my old orthodic shoes split down the side, i take care of my mother in law with dementia, we barely get by each month, just cant afford 125.00 shoes, but without a pair i cant take care of...

  • new shoes Closed

    i have a brand new size 6.5 mens white pair of AETREX SHOES FOR FREE TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THEM

  • cant afford orthodic shoes Closed

    i have a severe case of plantar fasciitis and a very painful heelspur ,my old orthodics split on the side and a new pair cost $ 125.00, i live with and take care of my mother in law with dementia, we have enough to get by, cant afford $125.00 dollar shoes,...