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  • Need used RV or camper or cargo Van Closed

    I am a sixty-year-old woman living in a 1997 Dodge Caravan which has become undrivable for a number of reasons. I am disabled and receive a minimum monthly income from SSDI which is not able to cover even the basic necessities, let alone fund purchase...

  • Desperately in need of laptop or notebook computer Closed

    I desperately need a laptop or notebook computer in order to begin the overwhelming task of reclaiming my life and pulling out of the situation that currently exists. I'm a 60 year old woman who is homeless, living in a 1997 Dodge Caravan with my 13 year...

  • desperate ready to work Closed

    Hi, my name is Adam. I am posting this today as a last hope. Times have been very difficult. I have a history of mental health issues, a collapsed lung, also asthmatic. Perfect combo for the current covid pandemic. I also am a father, I recently had a...

  • Rental Help Closed

    I'm a hard worker, out of work, I didn't receive a stimulus check because I made too much money last year. I'm currently unemployed and desperately looking for work. I'm a very proud person and it was very hard for me to post this. I'm humbled.

  • Help to leave with a terminal pet. Closed

    7 years ago I moved 3,000 miles across the country to be with the person I’d loved for 10 years. Sadly and insidiously the relationship has turned toxic and both psychologically and mentally abusive. My friend and companion of 14 years, my dog, Stella,...

  • Please Closed

    I’m a wife dealing with a husband who is an addict we are separated I’m in full time school and can’t work full time I’m facing eviction and truly need help to save my apartment I have no family here my car was repossessed someone please help me than...

  • Need help please. Closed

    Hello everyone my name is clinton and i am here in seattle with my fiance and our 2 kids and my brother, we took our truck to be fixed at the mechanic and all he was suppose to do was the radiator and fix a broken hose well when i got my truck back the...

  • Lost everything in fire Closed

    We had a house fire back in May and lost everything. Myself, husband and 7 month old son are staying in a hotel while we get our lives back together. We are short on baby supplies and our rent for the month. I do work full time but it's been very tough financially....

  • Single mom short on rent for month Closed

    Due to an unexpected car repair I'm short on my rent this month. I'm a single mom and work full time in the medical field. I do not have family or friends that can help me at the moment. I have a 7 month old boy as well.

  • My life is endangered Closed

    I am a 35 year old who is trying to leave my partner he had taken all my money and I have a 5th concussion and more stitches In my head. If i don't leave he will kill me he is already told me he is okay with going back to prison and he is hunting me down like I am a dog....

  • When it rains it pours.. Closed

    I am alone here on Seattle in my truck no friends or family. I came here to find my son and get him some help he is a heroin addict. Well he overdosed and died last month and here I am no home no job and running low on faith and hope. Any ideas or help would be a blessing....

  • Need help with rent Closed

    I recently lost my job, and I am waiting to get back on social security. During this in between period I have fallen behind on my rent. I live in an low income housing building so I don't need very much. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out...

  • Tired to the point of exhausted Closed

    I am a 43 year old female who is alone and homeless. I work every day to not get ahead of my problem. I desperately need help to get a roof over my head. I have no family and maybe a friend or two. I am utterly alone. Please this can't be all that's left in my life....

  • Single mom 5yrs in remission for cancer Closed

    I'm a single mom of two ages 5 and 6. I was blessed enough to have found the cancer (ovarian) early. Shortly after having my now 5 yr old son I found out about the cancer. Doctor said they usually don't find this type of cancer until late parts of stage...

  • Need Help ASAP job Relocation Closed

    Please help us!!! My other half and I have been trying to move to Washington state since I was offered a job and a place for us to live when we get there. My parents were going to take me there August 3, 2018, but chose to back out of the arrangement....

  • Chef Closed

    I'm in desperate need of a full time job! I'm a great cook, good manager, and would work overtime I someone would give me a chance

  • Adaptive bicycle Closed

    I am posting this for my son. He is the bravest, strongest, determined man I have and probably will ever know, and he's 6 years old. Kaine was a 28 week premi that fought harder to be here than anyone had anticipated. Kaine has cerebral palsy among...

  • Robbed Travlers, Thousands of miles from home. Closed

    I am a Traveler who has been robbed, and have no way to feed myself or my Unborn child and Fiance. We are doing everything that we can to try finding a temporay job to get money enough to get out of Seattle.

  • Mom and daughter in hiding due to felony DV Closed

    We just got in a shelter and we need a few items I want to make my 12 year old feel comfortable and not scared. She needs a haircut and new shoes . we don't have a car I lost it because I couldn't make the car payment after I left my abuser. We need furniture...

  • Emergency Help requested Closed

    I am in desperate need of help to pay for a motel room for a week or two and money for groceries and a warm coat. I have PayPal, if you are able to help please contact me Thank you & God bless!