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  • Teenage girl presents for Christmas Closed

    Hoping for help to make this a good holiday for my 15 year old daughter who is understanding that times are tough, and hasn’t asked for anything for Christmas. I would love to be able to gift her gift cards, or new clothing. She fits a size juniors...

  • Help with repairing rotted out bathroom Closed

    Hoping for the kindness of someone’s heart to help us with the repairs of our rotted out subfloor and replacement of shower/tub (due to rot under tub). We are on extreme limited use of the only bathroom in our home.

  • Help providing Christmas for 11yr old boy. Closed

    I am a struggling single mother looking for someone who would be willing to possibly send a few presents for my son. Last week we lost his Grandmother and Great Uncle to cancer. I would really like to be able to provide him with a good Christmas.

  • Water Closed

    Needing help with water bill been off for over 2 months. Have a 16 year old daughter who needs water. Husband lost his job after 28 years. I'm working 2 jobs and house about to go on auction in 3 months. Would like to enjoy our last Christmas in our home with water....

  • Water Closed

    Our water turned off 2 months ago. I want to cook thanksgiving dinner for my family. Please help $250 short

  • Rescued Siberian Husky needs help settling into his new home Closed

    We rescued this guy while we were not looking to adopt we couldn’t say no when the rescue reached out. He had been in a Southern California shelter for over 30 days and the fires hit. They started clearing out kennels for needed room. He was scheduled to be euthanized....

  • Need help with getting tabs for my rv afraid To lose my home Closed

    I am homeless and live in a small rv. I bought it for a few hundred dollars a few months ago and have yet to put it in my name or buy tabs. The tabs are most important currently it has 16 year old tabs. Cops like to mess with me cause they know who I...

  • Cancer/domestic abuse survivor Closed

    I attempted suicide when I was 17 after my ex boyfriend drugged me with PCP and date raped me with his father. I was medically "dead" but they brought me back. Soon after, the church I was going to kicked me out because I got pregnant with my daughter out of wedlock....

  • Amanda Neville Closed

    I need to move out by april because my landlord has decided to sell i have found the perfect rental but they want first last and deposit I have alot of hard circumstances that are in the way of me coming up with that up front and I need help I have a...