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  • Homeless and pregnant. Employed but cannot work due to covid Closed

    Hi I am 33 and living out of my car and couch surfing. 12 weeks pregnant and recently been exposed to Covid. So unable to work now in need of somewhere to quarantine. Have no money no house I m sick and pregnant and don't know what to do.

  • Transitional Housing Closed

    Chris Nero of Tucson, Arizona has founded a new Nonprofit Organization called Norstar providing transitional housing of many types. These include Veteran/Elderly Residential Care Homes, Women of Domestic Violence Safe Housing, And Re-Entry/Sober Living Communities....

  • Lifting the spirit of a friend Closed

    I have a friend who could use some help. If anyone has any new or used music equipment to donate. I know a vet in need, for a few months when money was tight . He was forced to sell what music equipment he had to make ends meet. Now that he's not struggling...

  • Help lost our home to a house fire. Closed

    Hello my name is Natalia fraga and we lost our home due to a house fire. I have 4 kids all under the age of 5. Been struggling to eat and give my kids a place to sleep been in car ever since the 3rd of this month. Please anything helps also been having...

  • Please help Closed

    I’m actually residing in Yuma Arizona not Tucson hopefully you can understand my situation I really need assistance because I don’t want to end up homeless on the streets, I have no money for food or clothes or even to pay for my rent I am at the lowest...

  • Hostile environment, will be homeless without rent, on Loa. Closed

    I had an interesting childhood growing up and as most children I've had lots of unanswered questions until I recently began some research. So far I don't know the complete truth but i do know my mom was on drugs amd unaware she was pregnant with me at...


    I am in debt 17000.00, I have been struggling to pay bills, paying them slowly but surely and now my truck broke down, I calculated I am 17000 in debt, if I can get help to pay off the debts I will be debt free, my credit used to be good but I been paying...

  • Not lazy Closed

    I am homeless and jobless. I am a hard worker and willing to work for room and board. I just need a place to call home so I can work again. I'm having a hard time finding a job because I spend my days figuring out where im going to sleep and eat everyday...

  • Hungry! Closed

    Hi my name is Shelley and I need help getting food. I'm in a horrible situation and starving. I have no transportation to get to any food pantries and live in a home with no running water or electricity. I'm not from this part of the country and dont know anyone to ask to help....

  • Single mother trying to hold on to her home Closed

    After 17 years employed at the same company I was let go I was denied unemployment u have no income coming in to pay bills and don't want to loose my home if 16 years

  • special pets for special people Closed

    I have 5. 6month old perwahuas. Their mom is a chiuhuawa their dad is a peruvian dog. They are very special, love to hug you, and talk.. If you are in need of an emotional support dog let me know

  • Hard working grandma needs a motorized Bike. Scooter, golf cart Closed

    I need a motorized Bike. Scooter, golf cart anything that gets me from point a to b. I m starting life again. Looking for a job and I could really use something to get around until I can afford to buy me a car.
    Thank you

  • Need some financial grant help or of any kind. Closed

    6/13/18 My spouse and are have been homeless and living in motels due to last years rental eviction. I am a senior with many health issues and my spouse is Navy Retired. We also have 2 furry babies. Is there anyone out there that can temporarily help...

  • Electricity getting disconnected today Closed

    I am going trough a very difficult time right now my .I will pay money back if anyone is willing to help me. Thank you so

  • Family of 7 in need of help Closed

    We are in need of help getting some food.


    5 day eviction notice I have 3 children we need help please help us

  • Recovered addict needs some help, Closed

    I have a year and a half clean. A new baby, the drug use and pregnancy took a toll on my teeth. I am so afraid I will be unemployable, with meth mouth. I spent this last year caring for my mom who we lost in January. Alzhiemers. My baby is 4 months old...

  • Need a place to stay out of the cold Closed

    Please help, wife and I are currently homeless and can't receive any help from our provider until Monday. I am currently sick with a cold and am worried for my wife's safety. I need to find a place for us out of the elements to ease her mind. I wish I...

  • help never been without my kids Closed

    Hi my mame is lisa im 34 yrs. old. I just recently fell on hard times and now do not have a place for me and my kids to stay. I go day to day making surr they have a place to stay amd then if i cant stay where they are finding myself a place. I just recently...

  • Need Immediate Medical Assistance/Advice. Closed

    I am panicking, I was in the ER 3 days ago and I have an infection-all my reproductive organs are infected and required the immediate treatment of antibiotics, 1 injection at the er plus 3 other oral antibiotics I was instructed to pick up immediately....