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  • ???? LOVE

    Well I will try my best to do this as it hurts me to even ask for help but it's very much needed and would be a big appreciation. First, my name is Amanda. I am 32 yrs. Old and I have 4 kids. Which I have my dad taking care of them right now. And he is...

  • My daughter and I will lose our home

    I lost my job because my knees keep dislocating. I’m not qualified for a white collar job. I need help with rent and bills until I can get my surgery done and bow able to get back to work. I am currently receiving 400$ a month for disability but that’s...

  • Going to lose my home

    My landlord will evict me if I don’t have rent. I am extremely behind and I have tried so many ways to make up the money. It’s just me and my daughter I had to leave work because my knees keep dislocating and it’s hard for me to do anything but sit. I...

  • Married 22yrs to Clinical psychotic need help to divorce

    I've been married to a financially controlling completely abusive mentally person for far too long I cannot get the constant hurt to stop with him nor can I financially get on my feet to get away I've been trying everyway possible for years we need t...

  • Is there anyone who cares

    Hi my name is Amber I live in tulsa ok and my family and I have been failed by our state we cannot get any help my parents me and my daughter live in the car I have covid so I got seperated from then the state is not using there money to help we have...

  • Food

    Just need some help with milk and dinner tonight for my two babies. Our food stamps never came and I'm not sure how long until they will

  • Family help

    Single father of 4. Got emergency custody because they’re mother Overdosed and she’s in treatment now. As a man this is very demoralizing and embarrassing. But I had to pray and swallow my pride and reach out the best I can…just need help overall.beds,Clothes,food,money,I...

  • Help With Across State Move

    We are trying to move from TN to AL and help my wife heal from serious conditions. During the move, I have lost my job and we can't afford to make last trip to finish. We need help to make final trip.

  • I need money to repair my car.

    I am currently homeless, sleeping on my uncles couch when it's too cold outside. My car needs struts, serpentine belt and pulley. Heater blower motor,and I need $100 for winter boots and a coat.


    Hello thank you for stopping and reading my post I’m currently fighting a custody case with my ex husband he has kept me from seeing my kids for over 3 years now and I have struggled tremendously with out them I have been on and off work and It’s jus...

  • Desperate measures

    I've been a hairstist/ manager for 8 yrs. Lost my job in April.. my Cosmetology license expired and it's 70 to renew. If I could just get that amount so I can get back to a salon and do what I'm best at that would be a blessing. I will pay it back or forward when I'm able....

  • In a tough spot

    Life happens. Have had a horrible string of events happen over the last couple years. More recently (in the last month) I have totalled my car, lost my job and a place to live. Just trying to stay positive out here and struggle through the best I can....

  • Help To Get Wife Healed

    Please see story here and donate if you can:
    My wife is suffering with three conditions brought on by Gastroparesis (stomach paralyzed). I have given up full time job that required travel in order to be here for her. Still looking...

  • New year support

    Its been 3mths since I made a post seeking help. Christmas was cruel my son was a good kid all year but I could not provide gifts my bills are past due I have lost hope for human kindness. But anyways happy new year

  • Lost work have a family of 5 and really bad need of help

    Lost work recently recently have a new job but don't start till next Monday don't know what to do I'm totally broke literally broke don't have gas to even move around and try to make something happen need to be able to get food and a roof over I hear...

  • Mechanic offering free services in the area.

    Hi, I'm offering to fix your car for free, i have the diagnostic tools and knowhow, been a working mechanic for 25 years, also a NYS licensed motor vehicle inspector. Obviously willing to travel.
    You buy the parts, i will put them on for free.
    I dont...

  • Needing a little help

    This is hard for me to do but i have no other.options and no one to turn to. I have a 5 year old son and my husband is disabled. The only income we have coming in is his social security disabilty check once a month. Its only enough to pay rent and maybe a bill but nothing more....

  • Looking for any help.

    Im not really having a Christmas. I dont have a car or id be able to make money myself..

  • Re: please read financial assistance needed

    Jon mineau 347 at g mail is a the email address that is fraudulent Pllease beware thank you and take care

  • Please read Assistance needed

    I am a Cancer patient I have 1 lung and recently diagnosed with covid-19. Here it is Christmas ! I have a post on here already however there seems to be a girl name Sarah who is referring people to ****@****.** . Who sent me a check from Boeing Employees Credit Union....