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/ 23 november 2021

I am a single mom. I have two teenage boys and a newborn due in a few weeks. I lost my job due to Covid and my unemployment has run out. I am also taking care of my 76 year old mother that was just placed in hospice care today. I am not one to ask for help but i am down to no other choice. My truck was stolen in May and totalled. Insurance didnt even pay what was owed. I spent our last stimulus to buy a car after i paid bills and the car lasted almost a month and the transmission went out. And once again we are without a vehicle. I have no way to get to my doctor appointment or to the pharmacy or even to get to the local food bank to get food that we need. I have been trying to find work from home jobs and have been turned down numerous times. No one want to hire someone that is about to have a baby and i cannot get a job outside the home because i am taking care of my mother. I have just been left with no options. So any help. Financial, vehicle, gift cards anything, even work if i can do it from home. Please find it in your hearts to help a family in need.

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I am touched and I will like to share this with you, I got help with my medical treatment from a lovely family and they said they are still willing to help others. Why dont you just get in touch with them and see if they can help you too (j o n . m i n e a u 3 4 7 at g m a i l . c o m )


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