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Main Need help Residence and employment Angel Lender needed ASAP to save our home!

Angel Lender needed ASAP to save our home!

/ 27 november 2017

Our home was foreclosed on while we had a complete case for assistance, being reviewed for a modification. We have reported the dual tracking to the commerce department, and they have not given me any updates on their investigation; it has been over 3 months since they've had our case. We only have until January 17th, before we will be homeless. We are a blended family of 8; 6 children. We have had the worst year with financial hardship, due to surgeries and job loss. We have come out of our hardship, and we're trying to remedy the default with our mortgage company. We were wrongfully foreclosed on, and now seem to be out of options. We need an angel lender to buy for us, and allow us to pay them for the mortgage payment. Please help our family!!

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