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Main Giving away Technics Apple IPAD MINI WIFI 64 GB


/ 10 july 2017

IPAD looks like a new one. Less than 2 years old, comes with a box and a case. Photo in attachment. Used very carefully. Without any warranty, but it works good now.
Give away not far away from Kem.
Write if interesting in it.

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|   California

Okay I'm really don't know where to start or what really to say but I moved here from Tennessee 48 year old male I lost my nine-year-old son and my mother within 30 days of each other right now live on in Bakersfield under the bridge off of Buck Owens Borough Boulevard on the Kern River which I've been for 4 years now almost 5 as I sit here on this dirty sheet under the bridge of the 99 Freeway I can't help stop thinking about the past God I miss my son and my mother and would give anything to have them back but I know this is not possible I love the Lord and I know things will get better but right now I'm a happy man at least I have my health and I'm alive I'm just lonely and I don't know anybody out here I just came from a small town in Tennessee but anyhow I make my rounds I collect my recyclables and I eat out of the garbage can which I'm Not Afraid or ashamed to say but it's hard to explain the things that go through your mind and your heart when you have the lost that I've had it's just too hard to explain and nobody will ever understand unless they've had this loss and I'm sure a lot of individuals have. But it's just very hard to explain and I try not to think about the loneliness and the missing of them so much because I can't keep my mind off of it when I start thinking about it anyways I'm dirty I'm dirty I stink I ate out of the trash but I'm content actually I come with a college degree I worked at Goodyear Tire & Rubber in Tennessee for 13 years prior it all this now look at me under a bridge on the Kern River for the last 4 years I'm a dirty blanket with two pairs of pants that I wash occasionally in restrooms nothing to eat and not a penny to my name and all I can think about is the past but I'm content I'm a hard worker and I know things will get better I'm actually pretty happy I just like to be left alone but I have a passion for writing and building websites and blogs and this is why I really like to have this item if it's available if not if that's just fine God bless you and thank you for don't your donation to help I'm sure somebody's using it but anyhow I just thought I'd pass time doing this with the heck now I make my rounds and get my recyclables and hopefully find something to eat and stare up at the sky on this Kern River and thank God for everything he's done for me God bless you guys and good night

|   Karelia

Larry, I'd like to give this item to you, but I live in Kem, it is too far away from you...

|   Emilia-Romagna

Can you send to Italy?

|   Iowa

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