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Homeless and need some help. Vehicle/ housing / financial

/ 15 august 2020

I don't even know where to begin. Recently I was released from prison for writing back checks. I have been out for a week. Because of the Corona virus upon being released I was not able to get any of my Government issued IDs such as SS, birth certificate, drivers license etc. They normally provide them once you leave. I found a organization that would help me get these documents/IDs on Friday Aug 14th. Now I am playing a waiting game with no real hard date on when I will get anything. I am doing the best I can but its not proving any money and very little food that I >can< eat. I have colitis. I'm struggling quite a bit because I can't get a job because I got nothing to prove who I am. And its horrible. I can't even get food assistance because I got no ID. I really just need general help. Housing clothes $ car moral and mentor support. I am trying to hang in there I really am. When I was in prison I got sick with Covid 19. It was the worst experience of my life. They locked me in a cell alone and left me to die basically with no real medical help. My faith got me through it and with Gods help I survived. Now though I have a healthy fear of catching the virus again so I won't panhandle or hold a sign up on the freeway's. Which I fight with everyday. I do have a cell phone that I got from the Obama free cell program. My # is 6162**** . I can be reached there.
I know that i made some mistakes in my past. And I own them and take full responsibility for them. However I did my sentence. Being shoved back into a covid 19 America with no nothing to assist a person get by or even succeed with should be criminal and wasn't part of my sentence. I was better off in prison seriously. I'm not a bad person at all I got a huge heart. If you can find it in your heart to help I promise you won't regret it. Also if you have work like handyman stuff or landscaping that I can do I would be glad to assist! I am able bodied and more when willing to get my hands dirty to survive. And if you can't physically help just pray for me. Are there still good generous people around? Guess we will see ....peace be with you & God bless.

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