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/ 15 august 2020

I have a boxer mix dog I've had for 6 years, the last two days she has been sick won't eat or barely move and came home from work yesterday and blood was everywhere where she was laying took her too three vets and last one had staff too look at her there, she had a infection that she was bleeding inside and had too have emergency surgery, well I have exhausted myself and my resources trying too come up with 1500.00 and have for 748.00 paid on it. They don't do payments and I can't bring brandy home until it is all paid for, so anyone who is generous and kind enough too help she is at southwest animal clinic in Jefferson City mo, address is 1410 Jefferson St., Jefferson city mo 65101. And her name is brandy and it's under my name Candace rand. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can bring my companion back home.

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