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Family needs help starting over

/ 14 august 2020

My fiance and I are in recovery, we both suffered from the disease of addiction and our drug of choice was . This drug is evil and completely destroyed our lives and we lost everything. Thank God we were spared and have now been sober for quite some time. Now we are working hard to rebuild our lives. We live in an extremely bad part of town where drugs are rampant as well as crime. Our apartment was broken into twice and both times we lost everything. The minute we started to get our things back we got robbed again. It has been very difficult to remain positive and keep pushing forward with all of this out of stress. To make everything worse our building is completely run down and infested with bugs. We have been fighting with bed bugs from the beginning and every time we think we have killed them with a spray bought from the store they just come right back. Our landlord refuses to deal with the issue so we have had to suffer being bit over a hundred times of night. This is dangerous to your health therefore we can't have our sons who are both 17 stay with us. Luckily I was able to get on a list for public housing and we should be able to get our new place soon. The problem is all of our furniture and belongings are going to have to be thrown out so we don't risk the possibility of carrying them with us. My fiance works hard but it barely pays the bills, getting new furniture, even used furniture is just about completely out of the question. I want so bad to start fresh in our new home, we have worked so hard to clean our lives up and I believe we deserve a new beginning. So I am asking for help in Furnishing our new home. Any donations would be so greatly appreciated.. I hope and pray that I am able to make this dream come true and have a fresh new beginning for our newly clean lives. Things that we need include bedroom furniture for two bedrooms, living room and kitchen Furniture. I would also love to be able to decorate the bathroom with new shower curtain and matching towels, I would love to have curtains for each room and new bedding for our beds. And I know I'm getting a little extravagant here but I stood decorative such as a lamp, mirrors or pictures would be Beyond what my wildest dreams are. Thank you in advance to anyone so donate even the smallest donations would be a huge blessing to us.

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