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Grieving Mom, Devasted, Embarrassed, Hopeless

/ 8 august 2020

Where do I start to explain how I ended up in this situation? My grandfather passed away a yr ago, leaving my 90 yr old grandmother, with Alzheimer's & dementia alone. I had to give up my career that I loved & my home I had rented for 5yrs to become her full time caregiver. I received $350/no. to care for her,it toók 7 months to get that. March 7,2020, my check never came & still hasn't. I had started a side business, I could no longer buy the inventory to make my products so I had to shut it down. I applied for snap benefits, the SBA loans, grants etc and received nothing. Then the unthinkable happened, my daughter got the virus & 3 wks ago she died....I was devastated. We didn't have life insurance so everything I had in savings & everything I could get money for pawning went to have her cremated. I can't even afford to give her a proper burial. 9 days after losing her my grandmother's son told me I had til Aug. 16th to somehow find a place to rent and pay 1st months rent, sec deposit and utility deposits. My car is broke down, all I have in my life is my little dog. I wish I had died & not my daughter. I don't know how I am supposed to live. I have no food, no car, soon no hope that anything will change. Thank you so much for reading this. Have a Blessed day. Cash App $JoyceWikoff or Thank you

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