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Main Wanted Other Im a Lightworker doing GODs work during these times.

Im a Lightworker doing GODs work during these times.

/ 28 july 2020

I have given away all of my unnecessary belongings and been traveling around learning the art of healing myself and others. Energetic healings, proper nutrition and health, healing emotional trauma for myself and others, planting gardens, and being a reminder of sanity in an insane time. I've been on this spiritual journey for 14 years yet 2 years ago I left everything behind, all logical means of living, and began to learn to live sovereignty. I have learned a lot that I want to teach people as the world undergoes change. I need help. I have done every good deed that i know how, I have pushed myself in everyway to every limit that I can fathom. I have maintained integrity and am rich spiritually. I can't seem to make substantial amounts of money. I am trying; ie started my own healthy businesses, taught myself sales, etc. I care about us. I am asking for your help and support. My email is ****@****.** and my Cashapp tag is $capitolsage. Its worth it. GOD Bless.
Here is my YouTube.

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