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/ 2 july 2020

Hi names Keely. Im in a horrible situation right now..and am coming to the internet for help. Im embarassed but dont know what to do.
This is so embarassing but im out of.options.
I am homeless i have been sleeping outside and i have called everywhere FOR SHELTER. I am in contact with legal aid because i was denied emergency shelter for not having an eviction notice. Im a complete mess. I have been offered a room for 170 weekly. I have an interview Monday but likely wont be hired because i havent showered..and i have no clothes basically. I have NEVER been in a situation like this im terrified..i go to parks at night to feel safer and basically wait for the sun to come up. Im starving i havent had anything to eat in at least 2 days. Im dehydrated and really thirsty. Im asking for 200 to be able to get this room and something to eat. I lost my job in march due to the virus and I'm starting to realize how truly alone i am. My dad was the only person who truly cared and he passed away last july. Im emotionally mentally and physically drained. Im ready to just give up..please help me finally have a place to call home..and if you cant maybe share this post on facebook or instagram or twitter. I have cashapp and venmo. My cashapp is $Keely1026 and my venmo ****@****.**
I never really had to ask for help so this is truly humiliating but this is my last hoping someone helps. Thank you all so very much for reading.

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