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Need used RV or camper or cargo Van

/ 2 july 2020

I am a sixty-year-old woman living in a 1997 Dodge Caravan which has become undrivable for a number of reasons. I am disabled and receive a minimum monthly income from SSDI which is not able to cover even the basic necessities, let alone fund purchase of a new vehicle what other equipment needed to begin reclaiming my life. I have a 13 year old cat and special needs dog who is 10 years old and we are about to be out on the street, something which will kill all of us. my dog and cat are not doing well under the stress of living in this van since this past January, when I was evicted after I lost my mate of 13 years to pancreatic cancer. I am struggling daily to make basic expenses and I need to find another reliable form of transportation that can also double as housing while I begin the overwhelming task of working my way out of homelessness. I can make small payments but not nearly what is required to purchase a vehicle to traditional channels. Please if you have a used RV, camper van, or cargo van you can part with temporarily or permanently for a $100 or $200 a month maximum payment what are willing to barter services for, please let me know. I will work any job, and I have experience in everything from legal and medical office support to dog training and private CNA services. I have no one else to ask and need to rely on the kindness and trust of strangers. I promise not to betray your trust. Thank you for taking time to read this post either way.

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