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Desperately in need of laptop or notebook computer

/ 2 july 2020

I desperately need a laptop or notebook computer in order to begin the overwhelming task of reclaiming my life and pulling out of the situation that currently exists. I'm a 60 year old woman who is homeless, living in a 1997 Dodge Caravan with my 13 year old cat and 10 year old special needs dog since being evicted in January following the death of my mate of 13 years from pancreatic cancer. I was entirely unprepared for life without him and had ignored some fairly serious circumstances because of the disabilities for which I receive a minimal monthly income from SSDI. I am disabled for PTSD, adult ADHD, severe depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain from a 1996 car accident. I have an identity theft situation which has been going on since 2002 and which has devastated my credit report and made my background information complicated at best. There are tickets outstanding which were received under one of the nearly 40 different fraudulent versions of my name put out there by acquaintances of an ex-boyfriend, and everything from criminal charges and legal suits has been perpetrated under names close enough to mine to be confused. I need to mount a serious campaign of information collection and correction, prepare documents supporting my position and clarifying misinformation, and apply for assistance I desperately need. Most of the computer and office centers formerly available to homeless persons are closed because of the virus situation and those that remain are not set up to support the type of usage I require. I have no way of ever making the extra income needed to buy even a used system at this point and my minivan has become undrivable, requiring repairs I can't afford. I need to be able to post ads for sales on some of my remaining few belongings to hopefully make the money I need to keep the car running long enough to straighten out my identity theft and credit report so that I'm able to rent and to apply for low income housing and other services. Please, if you have an older laptop or notebook, one running a full operating system and not Android, with local storage, Bluetooth capability, internet capability, and able to run a full version of Office 365 Pro, would you consider letting me borrow or rent it? Where else buy on payments I'm able to afford? I could make small monthly payments of up to $100, or barter services such as house cleaning, CNA services, professional organization, editing, tutoring Spanish K- 12 level or any type of pet care, dog training, or home and office support services. I have experience in all of the above. Please help me help myself out of this incredible mess that has become my life. I have no hope of pulling out of it without the kindness of strangers since I have no one else to turn to. Thank you for taking the time to read this post either way, and hopefully thank you for believing in me enough to let me have a fair shot at getting out of what my own ignorance and denial got me into.

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