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Main Need help Financial support Family of 4 I'm surfside beach in desperate need

Family of 4 I'm surfside beach in desperate need

/ 19 december 2019

Hello there I'm not really used to asking anybody for help but unfortunately the situation demands I reach out I am 45 my wife is 43 in the past year she suffered from several seizures a blood clot in her subclavian artery had a massive stroke fortunately I was with her when she had the stroke and recognize the symptoms I was able to get her to an operating table in about 45 minutes however while in surgery the nurse was explaining to me that she would probably have to learn to walk and talk again while that was happening the surgeon came in and told me the second he removed the clot her eyes popped open and she began speaking by the grace of God she's made an near full recovery. unfortunately we counted greatly on her income as a server at a good restaurant obviously with the medical bills and missed work it's put us in a bind the doctors even use the word miracle which they rarely do just her medication alone is over $600 a month and while we've been told we can get help with that we've yet to receive that out for the last two months we've been unable to afford it so she's been running around waiting tables without her medication .im terrified she's going to have another stroke I find it hard to sleep as I try and keep an eye on her scared she's going to have a stroke in her sleep I usually grab her hands and make sure she's got a response so I know she's not paralyzed and having a stroke again obviously this plays on my nerves and cost us quite a bit of sleep we have two amazing kids a boy who's 15 and a girl who just turned 11 they're both straight A students they're both amazing human beings the world is truly a better place with my kids in it my wife's mother and father live nearby her mother is battling breast cancer and her father has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's that's rapidly progressing and he's had heart problems for decades he had a quadruple bypass in 1989 so we've been trying to help them as much as we could as well several years ago while with my son a truck was in Reverse out of control I managed to get him out of the way from being struck but unfortunately I was struck and suffered a pretty severe spinal cord injury I am able to work but not in the profession that I was used to and I make only a fraction of what I used to make against doctor's orders my wife is working but we live in a vacation town and it's winter time so the restaurants aren't very full and she's not making much money and as I said she hasn't been taking her medication we are falling behind on rent are facing imminent eviction and we are also behind on our car payment and we only have one car which we desperately need if anyone can help us we would greatly appreciate it however please don't put yourself at risk or deny your family something that they need to help my family !!!this past year has been truly overwhelming with everybody's health problems I've tried as hard as I can to find a way out of it but we've just hit a wall and don't have enough money I repeatedly pray to God for a Way Forward maybe this form in these words are it phone number is 8439**** my kids are wonderful people they really deserve a great Christmas but honestly the home the car and food are all the most important issues right now if there's anything I can provide for verification or I can assist you to pay things directly I'll do whatever I can to help and I can only promise your generosity will get paid forward someday when I'm able to do so I love my wife very much we have been together for 25 years and I'm scared nearly every minute of every day that I'm going to lose her simply because we can't afford her medication again any assistance would be greatly appreciated thank you very much and God bless you may you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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