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Gelp me to give back to someone in need

/ 17 december 2019

I have all my life had an odd ability to attract people both good and bad. The bad seem to seek me out because its like the light i give off drives them mad and they want to destroy me at all cost. The others seem to seek me out because they feel i might offer comfort and protection. I've always been stuck in the middle of a battle between good abd evil it seems. Along my journey I stumble across certain individuals that i feel the need to constantly protect and cherish more so than the rest. Thus, why I am here for the past 15 years i have grown to know and befriend one such person. She has been homeless on the streets since she was 14 years old. She has one of the kindest hearts I know. She now is in her 40's and even though she still is homeless she continues to still give to others. She admitted to me 2 months ago She had been diagnosed with full blown cancer. Since then it has now spread to her digestive track and lymph notes. She is to the point she cant even hold food down much. My prayer is to somehow find someone who would bless me with a home that I can have to help take care of her in. Until her last day. That way she doesn't have to become just another statistic. I don't want her to die in pain and all alone. She like myself have given to others in ever possible way. She deserves to at least be able to leave this earth peacefully. Please will someone help me.

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