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LGBTQ Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Patient In Need

/ 8 october 2019

I'm a Progressive MS patient that has completed my one year lease with my landlord and I am currently residing in a hotel with my emotional support animal because I am trying to move into an apartment that is handicapped accessible as I need it to be. I am in my wheelchair a good deal of the time because some days I need serious help with walking, eating, drinking, bathing, etc Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with Demyleneating Myelin leaves you never knowing from one day to the next how you'll be. On bad days my limbs jerk, I vomit intractably, and I lose consciousness. I've been in four comas in the two years since being diagnosed which were onset by double pneumonia each time. I'm on social security disability and having to cover a hotel in the meantime has required me to humbly ask for help. God bless.

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