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Help buy bus to convert to a home

/ 12 february 2019

I've been in and out of homes since I was a foster child I have always worked but I keep getting turned away I am a building maintenance technician and I'm trying to get a bus that I can build into an RV I have the materials and tools but I can't afford the bus I've tried churches reaching out to school districts they decommission them after 12 years nobody will let me do a payment plan and they are like 3 k if I get one I won't have to worry about a place to live again once I do I plan on investing money I save into building more busses for families people who are struggling like me free of charge I want to make a difference and I can't do it in the situation I'm in now if I could get a bus I could build mine then help others 3 to 5 grand for a lifetime of security I don't want the money I don't need to see it I just need a bus that runs

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