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/ 8 march 2018

I’m not rich or have much but I am willing to help what I can help with...
Food, clothes, someone to speak too, etc.

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|   Arizona

Good morning, my name is Destiny Mendoza and I'm in urgent need for housing. I lived with my disabled grandmother who I took care of for going on 3 years now in exchange she gave me and my daughter a place to stay. She recently left to Oklahoma and due to unfortunate circumstances she will not be returning. Rent is due tomorrow and a delinquent balance for the electricity came in with a shut off scheduled. I absolutely have no means of paying any of those bills and I'm pregnant and have a 3 year old daughter and will be forced to be on the streets with her.
Please help

|   California

Hey there. My name is Victoria. I’m not sure what the ideal candidate would be for you. Simply put I just need help. I flew out to Cali a few months ago out of Newark NJ. I have spent most of my life moving from place to place just to keep a roof over my head. I almost feel like I’d have to tell you my life story to even paint a picture of the conditions and conditionings I have become so familiar with. As a teenager I lived in empty houses with my mom. Digging for change in her car seat to get her cigarettes. She broke her neck when I was 14. And since than I have watched the strongest woman in my life become reduced to just fighting for her life. My dad committed suicide when I was 21. And the dynamic between us was full of mistrust and abandon. I have fought my whole life to find people who will not misguide me. Healthy people. The kind of people I didn’t believe existed until I met them. Strong women and respectful men. Since I’ve been out here I have been able to get a job and support myself to the bare minimum. Choosing between food and interview clothes. Paying rent. Or paying for Uber’s to work. I have since bought a car. But still haven’t had the means to register and insure the story is it a sob story. But I’d be damned to say it’s not sad. I am continually caught up in my own resentments and anger at the fact that i don’t know what it’s like to feel safe and secure. I don’t jnow what it’s like to seek strength from a broken mother. That I can’t tell my dad how angry I am that he isn’t here to tell me I’m beautiful after a bad break up. There’s a a lot in my profile about my dreams. And how I want to be that safe space for others. I just feel like if I could go beyond worrying about food and shelter I would be able to focus on furthering my self in my education and career. And by all means I plan to work myself through school. I don’t care if it takes me until I’m 45. But I just need someone to support me in my process. I feel like my head is constantly spinning. Like I don’t know where to start. I even get confused when listening to a telephone prompt lol. I want to feel equipped and confident. Frankly I’m just tired of crawling through the confusion and directionless attempts. I really do hope you make it through the gruesome parts and maybe take a look at some of my posting. I think you’ll find that my ultimate goal is to be better for the world. Not just for me.

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