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  • foreclosure help Closed

    my dad is about to lose his home. Its going to be sold at auction on 9/8/2021. I have been helping him financially since my mom passed in 2014. Due to my husband and I separating he has been on a mission to sabotage everything he can. He’s the sole provider...

  • I Need A Rainmaker Closed

    I am the beneficiary of a trust my father created before he passed. His 2nd wife us trustee. She has never provided a accounting of the trust as required in the Florida Trust code. She has not provided anything but a 2014 appraisal of the house that is in the trust....

  • Car Repairs or Car Donation Closed

    Need car repairs desperately. Can’t afford repairs but I can make payments. Looking for a mechanic willing to help me. I need reliable vehicle for work and my child’s school.

  • Please help. I need advice. Closed

    I'm a native american woman living on the Navajo reservation. I live with my kids, my brother, and his daughter. My brother has been suffering from mental health problems associated with a concussion he received back in his early twenty's. For some reason,...

  • desperation help we are living in my car Closed

    hello my name is Amber and I'm a mother of two children 12 and 10 we're living in my Dodge Stratus right now we're staying in the parking lot at the Dollar tree off admiral and Sheridan we havent ate probably only once today cold scary and lost if th...

  • Help needed Closed

    In need of lawyer who can do pro bono or need assistance in hiring one for a civil case. When my boyfriend passed a year ago I moved all my belongings into a locked garage his daughter broke into the garage and stole all of my belongings and my grandchildren...

  • Hurricane relocate need help get electric pole/permit Closed

    Relocated f hurricane and bought land to build business/accessory live as born vision impaired. Need help acquire permit/electric pole. Need help install Renogy 100watt solar panel I have, do not have battery. Need help learn run my dual fuel generator....

  • Hurricane relocate need help get electric pole/permit Closed

    Severe vision impaired so not drive. Single female. Need safe help get electric pole/permit. Need battery and help put up 100watt Renogy solar panel I have. Need help learn generator I have. Need fencing poles for dogs. Need dogfood. Need laptop to work online....

  • GI doctor advice Closed

    Please help me with some advice..
    Is it serious??
    Should I go to the er??
    This has been happening for sometime now..
    Blood when I poop..

  • Depression is a B! Closed

    Hello, my name is Corey. I'm not asking for money or for any kind of hand out. I'm asking for a way out of this hellish existence of mine. My depression has taken over my mind and is now effecting my body. The death of my Uncle and Grandmother, suicide...

  • Asking for help Closed

    Hey.I’m 19 newly pregnant and just need help I don’t know how imma do it while still in school. Just asking for help

  • We need help. My family is completely out of resources. Closed

    I am living with hollow syndrome. If you have done any research or found any ways to help with this condition, please help. I have been to many doctors, with no resolve.

  • Monay Stewart Closed

    Well good Afternoon my name is Monay I have 3 children 25 yrs old daughter, a 18yr old daughter and my 2yr old son and my 2yr old father has been harassing me through the system trying to make me look bad on paper so I can't get my baby back from him...

  • Needing a miracle Closed

    My name is Dene, im hard-working, currently out of a job i had for almost a year and a half,i was arrested for somebody elses mess up and went to the pokey over it and lost my jibs as a result now the carona virus pops up and i cant even find a place...

  • Need of affordable or free repair of my computer Closed

    I am a college student studying social work planning to help people by the mental illnesses that have touched the life and hearts of many I have met through my life as a clinical social worker. I am currently struggling to get a computer as I no longer...

  • I just want a chance Closed

    Look i made dumb decisions when i was younger. My credit is 430. Cant get a credit card, a loan for a truck or a house in the country. I have no kids. Noone has ever helped me. What is the point in life. I feel like throwing in the towel. Im sick n tired of being sick n tired....

  • Need a lawyer Closed

    I been trying to fight a criminal case against me but i cant find help i have mental health problems an my cuzen is the cop that set me up an arrested me from the beginning i got denied my mental health an a fair trial the judge an da are friends of my...

  • I need legal help in family law Closed

    I am an unemployed woman of a four year old boy. My ex-fiancee used to beat me when he was drunk for several years. During a fight he was hitting me and trying to pull my son out of his car seat and was hurting my baby. I had to push him out of my car...

  • Family in Need Closed

    My cousin was hit by a truck and all bones, but neck were crushed. He's totally imboile and my aunt, cousin's son and wife are trying to take care of him. No insurance. They need help.

  • Need Moving Help Closed

    I need help moving my belongings from my former apartment out of a storage unit which I do not wish to rent any longer and cannot afford to rent either.
    The movers I have contacted are too expensive , and my belongings need to be moved to the place I am currently living very soon....