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  • My mentally ill wife took off with our 2 year old son. Closed

    My wife is mentally ill. 4 weeks ago while off of her medication she took off with our 2 year old son, Gress Morgan.
    FBI doesn't care, local cops dobt care.
    I need an attorney to get an emergency order for custody. Thats it. I do not want the mo ey personally....

  • Need help please car jacked Closed

    Me and wife and dog is traveling I have cancer and 2 years left so we took off lost apt over broke ribs so we emptyed bank and took off but stoped here and stayed a few days was going to store when a man and his girlfriend ask to ride I said sure I t...

  • No transportation Closed

    I just recently started a new job after trying to get one for what seems like a lifetime. I'm living with my aunt who owns five vehicles and agreed to let me use one for work only until I saved enough money to purchase a cheap automobile. I helped her anytime she ask me to....

  • Young lady need help getting things for her new born Closed

    Hello everyone there's a young lady that need help getting things for her new born baby every little thing will help this young lady purchase will be shipped to the young lady home heres baby registry to check out

  • Young lady need help getting things for her new born Closed

    Hello everyone there's a young lady that need help getting things for her new born baby girl that will be here lease then 2 months she really could use the help every little thing will help this young lady in need please also share her baby registry...

  • Pet lovers Closed

    I have a boxer mix dog I've had for 6 years, the last two days she has been sick won't eat or barely move and came home from work yesterday and blood was everywhere where she was laying took her too three vets and last one had staff too look at her there,...

  • Staying Afloat.... Closed

    New to the area. It's absolutely Beautiful here. Been here 2 weeks and already have a job and it's going Great. The problem is my car. Its the rear brakes, front brakes, and AC went out. Left window won't roll down. I am currently staying per night at...

  • Looking for any light at the end of the tunnel PLEASE Closed

    I am looking for anywhere that can help me get into a home for rent my life has been flipped upside down due to covids 19 I lost my business my home my car and I am looking for any type of help to get my life back. I literally have NOTHING. I AM WILLING TO WORK....

  • Organization Closed

    Please if anybody has time and a heart please help Mom of 7 need Legal Aid Asap

  • Homeless on Easter Closed

    Im homeless in need of food , dinner on Easter currently sleeping in a car. Haven't showered in days, please help and God bless All!!!

  • Mother in Deep Need Closed

    My eldest son died Dec24,2019 the scherriffs department nor the hospital in Las cruces or the hospital in ElPaso Texas nor the morgue in El Paso Texas will give me any information into my sons death because he was married his wife is next of kin she...

  • President Executive Closed

    The Educational and Vocational needs:
    Volunteers and organization supporters are kindly requested help building a primary, secondary, international university (vocational)...

  • President Executive Closed

    Current Humanitarian Situation and Challenge
    The issue is that Morne-A-Bruler is the poorest area of Haiti, has been abandoned since its existence and people have no access to healthcare services. The poverty, death, disease & starvation rates are...

  • President Executive Closed

    Millions of people are killed by diseases and poverty in this world, companies post their vacancies and hard to find suitable candidates to fit with their vacancies needs, candidacy application are rejected...

  • President Executive Closed LINK: / /****@****.** /****@****.** STATEMENT
    Global is a nonprofit...

  • Norwich Needs an lgbt community center Closed

    I am in meed of a space big enough to start a center for lgbt youth and adults. We want to be able to provide info for doctors , housing , medical and more. We also would like to start a lgbt friends coffee house and center together as one. Try to have...

  • Please share this we need help!!! Closed

    I have been delivering auto parts for 7 months. My boss was fired by the owner 1 month ago. The owner wants individual contractors to deliver parts. He said if I get a truck I can keep my job. I've applied at every truck place and because of medical bills...

  • Help raising enough money for car replacement Closed

    Hello out there ,I don't know about how this site works ,and I'm not sure that putting my location is even the right thing to do because no one in my area has ever cared to help me ,and for that I don't understand ,the people just laugh at me or thin...

  • Update no longer in GA. Closed

    Please anyone out there ? Pror post has had no success with help but it helped me to learn humility. Check out the old post if u like. Update: I'm stranded now in NC. My sabatouged vehicle made it to safety away from the violent dangerous life I removed my dog and myself from....

  • Help with Christmas plz Closed

    I have 2 children i had to stop workin due to cancer which i can prove