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  • Help With Across State Move Closed

    We are trying to move from TN to AL and help my wife heal from serious conditions. During the move, I have lost my job and we can't afford to make last trip to finish. We need help to make final trip.

  • Help To Get Wife Healed Closed

    Please see story here and donate if you can:
    My wife is suffering with three conditions brought on by Gastroparesis (stomach paralyzed). I have given up full time job that required travel in order to be here for her. Still looking...

  • Single Father Unemployed Needs Help Closed

    Single Father Unemployed With 11 year old son struggling financially behind on bills have nothing for my son for Christmas Any Help Will Be Gratefully Appreciated And God Bless You !!

  • A lift up Closed

    In need of $600.00 immediately. I'm not used to going on a public feed to ask for help, but if my request of need can be shared to more people, than this is why I'm doing it. Thanks to all who are able to help, and I will pay things forward. Blessings

  • Christmas miracle Closed

    Hi. I have tried everything to get some help this Christmas. I'm in fear to not be able to give my kids a Christmas.
    Their dad is not in the picture, just broken promises. I paid my rent and bills and i have nothing left for anything. So im here ashamed...

  • Need help for living assistance Closed

    Hi I have daughter with sickle cell we are currently living in a extended stay hotel in Memphis my daughter has an appointment to have to emergency hip replacements and a shoulder replacement we’ve been living at this hotel for almost a year I recently...

  • Need food/toilet paper Closed

    They recently cut my food stamps and I don't have a job. Me and my boyfriend ran out of money and he doesn't get paid until Friday evening. We just need some food to get us thru and toilet paper

  • Need help with the basics Closed

    Just left abusive situation, need help with basic hygiene, cleaning supplies, papers products, dog and cat supplies… i only make enough to cover bills and rent…

  • Foundation of our house fell in now we are homeless Closed

    With covid-19 going on it is hard for my boyfriend and I to find a steady job we were as much as we can you pick up cans whatever we can do to make a little bit of money we have bought a house but their shavings on it moving they are foundation in the...

  • Single mother and child in need of food. Closed

    Hi my name is Raven I'm in need of food for me and my daughter. Just trying this post I have never done this before but I'm just down on my luck right now anything would definitely help. Thanks in advance for viewing my post.

  • Help my friend Jack save his home Closed

    I'm trying to help my friend Jack he disabled man and someone hacked his bank account took all he can't pay his rent and I can't help I. have no money we just short about 300 please help before they throw hi out

  • Please help Jack save his home Closed

    Hi my name is Kathy I'm trying to help my friend Jack he a disabled man that had his bank account hacked he lost all can't pay his lot rent. He will be thrown out if we can't get it we just under 300 needed asap TIME RUNNING OUT

  • Need a roof Closed

    Recently me and my husband took to a life on the road once Covid hit. We both lost our job and didn't have much savings so we decided to try something new and hit the road. While life on the road was wonderful we hit some trouble when we tried for a new...

  • Homeless four kids and me Closed

    Me and my four kids have recently bacome homeless inda the woods in makeshift tents from stuff we found.i pick from dumpsters so we don't starve.and we barely have only clothes.we need sum cash to get a place to stay indoors.we stay in woods to a cheap motel....

  • Help til I get my tax return Closed

    I recently lost a child and had major surgery which is keeping me unemployed and broke.I spent all my savings for my son's cremation expenses. If I could get a little help until my tax return comes I would be super greatful and will pay it forward when I am able....

  • Mother of 2 in need of financial help during this hard time. Closed

    I am a single mother of 2 in desperate need of financial assistance. I lost my job of 7 years due to COVID & I have been experiencing financial hardship since. I work but barely make enough to cover household expenses. I am about to lose my vehicle...

  • About LaDawn Wingo Closed

    LaDawn Wingo is a single mother of six, (1,4,8,15,17 and 19). She also suffers from 2 autoimmune disorders, Lupus and ITP.
    We met a little over a year ago when our kids became friends. She had a home, a job, and was expecting her 6th baby. She was...

  • 36 weeks pregnant needing help in Missouri Closed

    Hi, I'm a 35 year old mother of 2 teenagers and a
    6 year old with a surprise 3rd on the way. I am less than 4 weeks from having my little bundle of joy but due to losing a job, getting evicted and finally finding a new place to call home but with...

  • Mamma Needs an angel..or 10.. Closed

    I have fallen on a pretty crappy time. I am a mom of 4 boys, my oldest just moved out last month. The last few months seems to be issue after issue. I am now behind on my bills and am trying so damn hard to catch up!!
    I need 2,330.34 just for the mortgage!...

  • Natia Calhoun Closed

    Single mom of 3 girls. I dont know if this is real but i do know you are Lord God. And we really need you right now. You know I put every dime even taking food out our mouths for this new apartment, Lord im out of options not knowing how to get the power...