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  • Is there anyone who cares Closed

    Hi my name is Amber I live in tulsa ok and my family and I have been failed by our state we cannot get any help my parents me and my daughter live in the car I have covid so I got seperated from then the state is not using there money to help we have...

  • Please help Closed

    I am a 57year old female on disability. I have always considered myself to be a good person and a helper of people to the point going without my self. I recently have had my home a travel trailer and all my personal belongings stolen and now I find...

  • Looking for helpful resources! Closed

    I need basic human necessities; I am looking for employment.
    •woman 4 & 5/6 Jean's, M tops, 7W shoes.
    •Men size 32/34 jeans, L tops, size 10 1/2 - 11 shoes.
    ▪︎Food that doesn't require cooking. (We don't have allergies.

  • Women Desperate to have a home and to get my babies back Closed

    Long story short. I lost my home a couple years ago than my kids shortly after. I have a shot at getting them back but I need my own place. I have been renting a room from a wonderful women but she has asked me to leave by Oct 31st. I have about $800...

  • If anyone can and will... Please..HELP ME PLEASEEE Closed

    If anyone see's this... Im a homless single pregnant female domestic violence survivor... In need of funds for food and housing. Everything helps... PLEASEEE. Someone... me. Please
    Paypal email ****@****....

  • In need of job that is remote Closed

    I am in need of work
    37 year old mom
    My husband doesn’t work much
    I am need of work from home job
    I am certified educator, home health aide, etc

  • Homeless Danville ky Closed

    Seeking help with a place to reside transitioning being back in my after being in MICHIGAN for 5 years having a really hard time transitioning

  • Resident and employment Closed

    I'm 52 years old and I have been homeless for the last 5 years. I haven't always been homeless and unemployed I used to be a nurse and I was able to take care of myself and 3 children, but I was in a car accident and ended up on oxytocin which quickly became an addiction....

  • Housing Closed

    I'm 57 and disabled senior and I have a service dog, we are in need of some help with housing and anything else you can help with. I'm tired of being on the streets or staying here or there. I want to be some where I can call home. People have used me...

  • My 87 year old mother needs emergency housing help Closed

    My mom is going to be homeless after the month of August, don't know where else to turn to. Please help!

  • Just want to be a father Closed

    Hello everybody I need some help my life has being flipped over now I have nothing because of heart condition that's limited me can't work and can't afford to have my 3 sons anymore waiting on disability staying in a basement no income I need housi...

  • Looking for income based or low income apt or house. Closed

    me and my handicapped wife need a place asap.we want to get off the streets and get our lifes back on track.if anyone knows were I can go please let me know.


    I have a friend his wife and baby who are in a bad living situation and as of today got kicked out and now living in their car with their baby who's under a year old. I have no way of helping and this is a desperate call for help before anything worse...

  • Sick of living in a motel Closed

    My family consist of me, my fiance, and 5 kids ages 9,7,5, and 2 year old twins. Last year covid hit out pockets hard. We got behind on rent a half a month and the landlord started the eviction process. We filled out the court paperwork and cdc paperwork....

  • Young family with 2 young children Closed

    We have lived in a camper for the past 8 months and now we are being harassed by our landlord to leave so she can sell the camper. She is an alcoholic and can be very aggressive. We just want to live in peace. So we are in the search for somewhere we can afford....

  • Need Help. Closed

    I really need some help I've never lived on the streets before had all my unemployment money stolen by my brother and then fighting with the bank to get it all back which has been terrible but I can pay $400 a month plus utilities I need some help if...

  • Getting my family back Closed

    I'm getting ready to have my son and his mother moved back to South Carolina with me but I need help finding a place a job where I'm at I'm having no luck if anybody sees this in in Johnsonville South Carolina if you could help me out I would greatly...

  • God willing Closed

    My partner lost job due to covid shutdowns in California and I am disabled with ssdi benefits. Came home to tennessee to stay with family and on the way found out they have tested positive for covid so we are stranded with no place to stay having spent...

  • Needing a lil help!¹ Closed

    Hi , well I was searching for help for I am a single grandparent , taking care of my grandchild, and we have our good and bad days /times and I'm not going to lie ! We been struggling here and there, but I can't seem to get ahead a lil , were we ain't...

  • Its cold I can repay on January 4th!! Pleaseee Closed

    My name is Michelle I am 27 years old. I am a single mother of the sweetest 8 year old little man ever! We love to fish and we'll just be outside really! Its new years and my up unemployment and stimulus still has not hit and we are actually asking around...