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  • Family in need of Any kind of support during this hard time! Closed

    am a mom of 3 children ages 8, 5 and 2. I am 32, disabled due to severe depressive disorder and PTSD since July 2019. I sought disability when my common law marriage to their father ended in 2019, prior to the birth of my last child, babygirl charleigh....

  • this is my last option...i need help Closed

    i dont have anywhere to turn for help ive literally tried everything. since dec 2017 when my 6 months old granddaughter passed away from sids everything has been chaos and i cant seem to catch a break. roughly a year after the passing of my granddaughter...

  • Single Parent in Dire Need Closed

    I'm a single mother to two beautiful little girls. I work, so I'm trying to make ends meet but I just cannot. I'm not sure where to go or who to turn to as I don't qualify for a lot of programs that would be helpful. I'm asking from the bottom of my heart, anything helps....

  • Clarence Seigler Chairperson CEO Closed

    Hello friends Planetofhelp ATTN, Administrator yes help our Faith Based Group, Charities+Homes International Clarence Seigler Chairperson CEO USA, 513 Taggart Ave Greenwood SC29646 USA Ein# 5415**** Donorlines 8643**** for Missionary works Worldwide ...

  • Teenage girl presents for Christmas Closed

    Hoping for help to make this a good holiday for my 15 year old daughter who is understanding that times are tough, and hasn’t asked for anything for Christmas. I would love to be able to gift her gift cards, or new clothing. She fits a size juniors...

  • 3 boys need Christmas. PLEASE ANYTHING IS APPROPRIATED Closed

    trying to register to get some assistance with getting Christmas gifts my kids this year first time I've ever needed assistance didn't know really where to start looking all the ones I've tried so far no luck. I'm just running out of luck and time. Dad...

  • Looking to get on feet Closed

    I moved to Texas after high school hoping to achieve my goals. I currently graduated schooling for medical assisting and I’m looking for a blessing so that I can get transportation and an apartment in Austin so that I can continue my education and start working in my field....

  • Desperate need of seeking Christmas help for my son... Closed

    Hi I'm seeking Christmas help for my 14 yr old son. I'm a single mom working ft but by time i pay consumers, rent, car insurance, gas in car, phone, and food I have no money to spend on my son for Christmas!! I know there's Salv Army and Toys for Tot...

  • Christmas Wishes Closed

    Hello. I'm seeking help or information on getting help for Christmas. I'm too late signing up with the Angel Tree program. I have two kiddos and as a single mom; anything outside of my budget is a rarity- so Christmas is looking rather scarce. Figured Id try this website....

  • Needing help with Christmas Closed

    I need help with Christmas for my 8 year old son and 7 year old son they love legis and paw patrol but anything will help

  • Looking for new born baby stuff anything and everything Closed

    I have nothing for my soon to be born baby girl. Plus my money was stolen from my purse Halloween night. Really set me far back on everything. And I have nothing for her at all not just her but all my kids my kids are just turned 14 turning 9 November,...

  • Needy children help with Christmas Closed

    4 children who are in need of help with Christmas this year due to me. Being ill im am unable to work like i have always done in past please i have my 17 yrs old daughter an i recently have taken in my 3 neices an newphew 16 yrs old neice 6 yrs old neice...

  • Looking for kids clothes winter Closed

    Hi in a bad time in my life looking for boy n girl clothes for the winter anything that can be used teen sizes 13 yrs old thankyou

  • Lost home to fire Closed

    Please take moment to read our story. 0115**** afc9dab4647

  • Christmas sponsorship for low income family 2019 Closed

    My family needs a sponsor for Christmas. I have a boy age 4 and a girl age 10. My husband lost his SSI this year and is waiting on the apeal. My mom is SMi/ disabled I am her care giver / stay at home mom. Please give my family a Christmas this year....

  • Sons trip to New York (mens chamber's) school trip Closed

    I'm in need of help my son is 17 goes to high school has never missed a day of school and wants to go on a trip to New York with his music class he signs with the men's chamber. I just don't have enough to pay for his trip 2000. By Feb. I told him I didn't want him to go....

  • Baby stuff Closed

    In need of baby stuff, anything will help. I'm due in September 2019. Don't know the babies sex yet so anything unisex will help. Thank you

  • help if you can Closed

    does any one know where i can get toys or free gifts for my kids this yr i know i'm vveeerrry late on asking for help but i thought i could do it im a struggling single parent who recently lost a good job to it going out of business without notice no...

  • Winter clothes for homeless teens Closed

    Please donate new jackets for boys and girls ages 12 to 17 sizes medium and large.
    We need one hundred for homeless kids.

  • Community end summer cookout Closed

    I am Steve, a local convenience store owner and im having a cookout for my community. Saturday sept. 8Th 2018. I am in need of all donations for food and drink products kid games and rides for and a portable potty.. Food listings as follows hot dog hamburgers....