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Clothes and shoes

  • Family in need of Any kind of support during this hard time! Closed

    am a mom of 3 children ages 8, 5 and 2. I am 32, disabled due to severe depressive disorder and PTSD since July 2019. I sought disability when my common law marriage to their father ended in 2019, prior to the birth of my last child, babygirl charleigh....

  • Clothes Closed

    My sister is in need of clothes spring time Xl-1X pants leggings and 11-12 dresses medium to Xl shoes 61/2-7 God bless

  • Need clothes Closed

    I am new to Nashville and basically here with very little due to a tragic death in my family. I am able to work but not able to buy clothes to start a job. I wear l-xl tops size 13 jeans and size 8 shoe. Thanks ????

  • Loss my job first time facing homelessness Closed

    Laid off due to covid 19 homeless as of 8/28 i called shelter im currently on a 4 weeks to several month waiting list need clothing size 14 pants large shirts 10 women shoes will be appreciated , that will increase my chance in finding a job my cash...

  • Work boots and Clothing Closed

    Seeking anyone that could possibly help with a pair of Steel toe work boots and FR clothing... also, looking for kids clothing and shoes as well. Thanks and God Bless

  • Special needs family needs help Closed

    I am a single mom to 5 kids and a grandson.
    I am looking for help with school clothes.
    My ex left he couldn’t handle our special needs son,
    We do not qualify for help since his income is still listed on paper
    Check out my list, School Supplies on Walmart....

  • I need money Closed

    I am need of clothes and shoes. My abusive husband has burned all of my clothes and shoes for leaving the relationship. I have been left homeless, broke and damn near naked. Please help me help myself to stand tall with dignity and pride for being a surviver....

  • Womens and girls clothing and shoes Closed

    I am a widow(34) with a young daughter(6) to raise. My husband , her father, passed 2 years ago. Im trying to make it on my own, but its hard to make ends meet. She is growing like a weed and i am shrinking, (due to stress, im sure) , basically im dont...

  • In need of womens clothes and coats Closed

    I’m in desperate need of clothes, coats and shoes!!
    BRA SIZE- 34DD

  • School uniforms and jeans for my son Closed

    My 10 year old son is in need of uniforms for school, shirts and pants (khaki, red, blue, white.) Long sleeve or short sleeve shirts ok. And also regular blue jeans. Size 12/14 in pants and boys large (10/12) in shirts. Any 1 shirt or 1 pair of pants...

  • Homeless and at risk kids need new jackets Closed

    I have over 100 homeless and at risk teen agers who need new jackets, socks, tops, gloves, scarves. It's easier to get stuff for little kids.
    Who helps teen agers? Let that be you, please donate items for teens 12 to 18 yards of age, sizes medium and large, boys and girls....

  • In need of clothes food anything else Closed

    I am homeless with my 3 year old son I have no job he needs clothes I am at my rock bottom please can anyone help

  • Help make little girls 7th birthday special Closed

    My daughter was born congenital hypothyroidism. Recently we did test run off meds. Her thyroid is producing T4 on its own!! Mae is in need of clothing size 8-10 pants and shirts. Size 3 shoes. Money is tight as I only have enough to cover bills and rent....

  • Wanted: Clothing Closed

    Family on limited income. Could really use clothing... God Bless For Any Help...
    Men's XXL or 3 X...Shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts...
    42w length 30/31...Pants
    Jackets XXL or 3 X...
    Size 13 wide shoe.

  • Need clothes Closed

    I lost everything

  • In need of winter clothing ASAP Closed

    Please my friend has 2 children her and her guy friend they all need winter clothes contact me at 8084**** as soon as possible I'm suzie

  • In need of winter clothing ASAP Closed

    Please my friend has 2 children her and her guy friend they all need winter clothes contact me at 8084**** as soon as possible I'm suzie

  • School clothes for this school year. Gym clothes and shoes Closed

    Need school clothes and shoes for my o year old daighter and my 14 year old son
    We all lnow how mean kids can be and mt kids litertly only own 3 outfits each. They bpth need socks underwear and outfits for school alomg with shoes and gym clothes. P...

  • Vet family in need Closed

    My name is Jennifer Snoderly. I am a vet from the US Navy. The current home that I have with my family was severely damaged by tornado winds and heavy rains in the storm we had on Friday, June 23rd. So much so that the roof and the floors...