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  • Family in need of Any kind of support during this hard time! Closed

    am a mom of 3 children ages 8, 5 and 2. I am 32, disabled due to severe depressive disorder and PTSD since July 2019. I sought disability when my common law marriage to their father ended in 2019, prior to the birth of my last child, babygirl charleigh....

  • Seeking free or very cheap desktop PC for remote classes Closed

    Since my University is not conducting fall classes in person, all classes will be virtual. My 14 yr old hp presario cq57 with missing keys is not going to cut it. I would prefer a desktop but will accept laptop or desktop if it's free or really cheap....

  • Desperately in need of laptop or notebook computer Closed

    I desperately need a laptop or notebook computer in order to begin the overwhelming task of reclaiming my life and pulling out of the situation that currently exists. I'm a 60 year old woman who is homeless, living in a 1997 Dodge Caravan with my 13 year...

  • Desktop, tower w windows 10, complete. Closed

    I'm in need of a free desktop system, 4 n 1 printer,fax, scan, copy. This computer system. Is an accommodation with my disability and will definitely help my lifestyle. Lastly it is also a way I receive therapy.

  • free desktop computer tower or laptop Closed

    Hello my name is Michelle and I'm trying to start a charitable organization business but I am in desperate need of a free desktop tower or laptop computer as I am on fixed-income. I have a monitor keyboard and mouse for a desktop I just need the tower...

  • Wishing to take a trip Closed

    Hi I’m a single mom of four wonderful kids, my income is so low that we have never had the chance to take a vacation or a trip anywhere, wondering if someone can please make this come true for us. Life is so hard working at this rate of pay but having...

  • Phone card and iPhone Closed

    I would really appreciate phone service/ a wireless phone card and an iPhone 7 or 8 with case, screen protector, charger, etc, would be great because I cannot afford it. Thanks.

  • Apple iPad Wanted Closed

    I would like someone to give me an Apple IPad for school. I am a student in school.


    I’m in desperate need of a straight talk wireless phone card, my phone has been without service for two months now and I have no money to be able to get one please help!!

  • I need your help to make my dream a reality - need a laptop to start my own business in web design Closed

    I'm not on here to ask for money, cars, houses or anything major....all I NEED, desperately, is a laptop to start my own business in web design, graphic arts, interior and fashion designs. I tried starting up on my phone, but I can't make my designs...

  • Need vcr or DVD player Closed

    We don't have cable and live out in country we were thinking maybe the kids would love to watch movies but we don't have a working VCR or DVD player

  • Homeless living on the Kern River Closed

    I really don't know what to say to you and your readers but when you're going through life like I am right now really there's not a whole lot that matters so what the hell give it a try anyways I moved here from Tennessee after I lost my nine-year-old...

  • I Phone 6, or iphone 7 Closed

    iphone is my love. First my iphone was iphone 4s. I used it for 3 years, and than change it to iphone 6. It is the best phone I ever had! And I'd like to recieve as a gift the same or better model for my small brother.

  • Any workable TV Closed

    Please help me in my problem. For a month ago my TV set Sony Bravia broked. And now I have no chances to buy new one. I like to watch sport programms and news. Expecially soccer channels. I think a lot of people have old not needed TV sets and can give it to me....