Giving away hand held Leapster game console and games Closed

Willing to give away game console and games to a child in need. Please feel free to text me at (971)8133519. Must live in the Portland, OR.

special pets for special people Closed

I have 5. 6month old perwahuas. Their mom is a chiuhuawa their dad is a peruvian dog. They are very special, love to hug you, and talk.. If you are in need of an emotional support dog let me know

new shoes Closed

i have a brand new size 6.5 mens white pair of AETREX SHOES FOR FREE TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THEM

Boys toddler and 8-10. Mens clothes. Womens plus and juniors Closed

Free to anyone in need. I have 18 HUGE bags of clothing. womens sizes M-3xl boys 6month-10yrs mens s-m and 30-36. Please let me know size/type you need and I will get it ready :) and have pics JUST PAY EXACT SHIPPING.

Apple IPAD MINI WIFI 64 GB Closed

IPAD looks like a new one. Less than 2 years old, comes with a box and a case. Photo in attachment. Used very carefully. Without any warranty, but it works good now.
Give away not far away from Kem.
Write if interesting in it.

Homeless and need some help. Vehicle/ housing / financial Closed

I don't even know where to begin. Recently I was released from prison for writing back checks. I have been out for a week. Because of the Corona virus upon being released I was not able to get any of my Government issued IDs such as SS, birth certificate, drivers license etc....

Pet lovers Closed

I have a boxer mix dog I've had for 6 years, the last two days she has been sick won't eat or barely move and came home from work yesterday and blood was everywhere where she was laying took her too three vets and last one had staff too look at her there,...

Family needs help starting over Closed

My fiance and I are in recovery, we both suffered from the disease of addiction and our drug of choice was . This drug is evil and completely destroyed our lives and we lost everything. Thank God we were spared and have now been sober for quite some time....

Single mother in utah needs help bad I have two children Closed

of two beautiful children a 5 year old daughter and a 6 1/2 year old son. We live In a hotel now for almost 5 months its in the worst part of town I worry daily about my family. I need help paying for my room I pay 310 a week and I’m at the end we’re...

Grieving Mom, Devasted, Embarrassed, Hopeless Closed

Where do I start to explain how I ended up in this situation? My grandfather passed away a yr ago, leaving my 90 yr old grandmother, with Alzheimer's & dementia alone. I had to give up my career that I loved & my home I had rented...

Need used RV or camper or cargo Van Closed

I am a sixty-year-old woman living in a 1997 Dodge Caravan which has become undrivable for a number of reasons. I am disabled and receive a minimum monthly income from SSDI which is not able to cover even the basic necessities, let alone fund purchase...

a place to call home to get daughter back Closed

I lost my daughter in May 2020 she became award of the state I have been fighting her father and DHS to get her back and in order to do so I have to have a place call home for me and my family By the end of July. I am financially not able and my boyfriend...

Im a Lightworker doing GODs work during these times. Closed

I have given away all of my unnecessary belongings and been traveling around learning the art of healing myself and others. Energetic healings, proper nutrition and health, healing emotional trauma for myself and others, planting gardens, and being a...

Need help with home items. Bedding, towels etc Closed

We are not going to be able to save anything from our current apartment due to the unsanitary living conditions. I made a post asking for help with furniture donations. And now I am asking for donations of house hold items such as bedding, sheets and pillows....

Desperately in need of laptop or notebook computer Closed

I desperately need a laptop or notebook computer in order to begin the overwhelming task of reclaiming my life and pulling out of the situation that currently exists. I'm a 60 year old woman who is homeless, living in a 1997 Dodge Caravan with my 13 year...

I can help you with elbow grease Closed

Ian not financially on my feet enough to help that way but I can put my muscles to work for you, whether it's cleaning, landscaping, painting, carpentry I can help ya. Or even just grocery shopping or talking if that's what you need. Let me know

Open Closed

I’m not rich or have much but I am willing to help what I can help with...
Food, clothes, someone to speak too, etc.

Im here to help Closed

Need someone to talk to? I'm willing to listen. I'm not financially able but I can listen and maybe able to give some advice on where to go for help you might need. Email me anytime I will respond asap.

New cell setup instructions,basic pc or internet,Facebook, Closed

I can help one day a week setup or explain instructions for new cell phones, use basic computer or the internet or help with Facebook or learn to read english

Freinds help freinds in Pain Closed

I'm here to help you if your struggeling in your life.
Are you suffering with health issues that the doctors may not be finding becuse they are looking in the wrong area. Do you feel like giving up on life. Have your health issues seem to plague you for years....

Our community of charity and people , where you can help others if you want, or get free help. You need to leave your post. Direct assistant programms for needy and poor people, for kids.

If you wanted of helping others in need, or you are homeless and ask to help me and do not know what to do, or need free meals, or looking for salvation army or goodwill industry, welfare, charity, want help.
If you ask yourself - how can I help people, or can someone can help me financially (credit help)- here is your website.

Need help in New York USA or wanted in California -check it.